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PL ISSN 1230-4050   






Eugeniusz Wojciechowski

A theory of conditional sentences inspired by some of Roman Ingarden's ideas

Abstract: The increasing role of logic in 20th century philosophy, heavily stressed by the representatives of Polish analytical philosophy, met with reactions from representatives of other philosophical orientations. In the Polish context the dispute around this subject can be described as one between supporters of the theory that conditional implication comes down to material implication and those who question this theory. The first position is represented by Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz, the second by Roman Ingarden. They represent extreme versions of these positions. Moderate positions on the subject can also be adopted. A moderate version of the second position involves accepting certain conditional sentences and treating them as logically inconstructible. A logical analysis of these sentences is allowed, which would involve turning some parts of these sentences into new conditional sentences in a limited way. A formal realization of this position is proposed.